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Spellbinding 2D & 3D Animation Company in Dubai UAE

Brand Bugs is a leading 2D & 3D Animation Agency in Dubai that ensures to bring your ideas to life with our design-driven and creative animation services to elevate your perspective.

Animation & Video Services Company Dubai

At Brand Bugs, we aim to bring your ideas to life with our animation and video production services in Dubai. Our 3D animation, 2D animation, and video production teams understand the exact requirements of clients to generate positive interactions with them while promoting their business, its products, and services with the skills and expertise most required to elevate their digital existence.

For our 2D and 3D animation studios in UAE, your needs and requirements matter the most. Be it simple, creative, or unique, we bring our expertise, skills, knowledge, ideas, and approaches to the table to build your brand that is more liked by the clients while having a personalized touch that stands it out from the crowd.

Our 3D animation studio in Dubai focuses on the marketing, branding, and design elements that we combine with our feature-pack solutions to provide clients with the best and standout services in Dubai. Our supreme goal is to go the extra mile by helping our clients reach the moon. For this, our animation and video production company devised results-driven solutions that speak of creativity, uniqueness, and skillfulness at all times. In a nutshell, Brand Bugs ensure that our customers get the best-in-class and contemporary services to ensure your brand’s triumph.


3D Animation

Brand Bugs is the leading 3D animation studio in Dubai that produces animated videos for our clients in UAE. Our services have been acquired for big film pictures, commercials, and video games. Our 3D animation services in Dubai produce attention-grabbing and realistic animated videos to deliver your brand’s message. Through this, we deliver your brand the desired solution.

3D Virtual Reality (VR) Tours

Our 3D animation studios in UAE utilize the incredible power of virtual reality to provide impeccable marketing strategies. We aim to create a brighter reality for your visitors while staying solid to the plan of delivering an immersive user experience.

Short Films Animation Services

At Brand Bugs, our leading motion graphics company in Dubai integrate your subtle brand message uniquely and creatively. We offer top-quality services through engaging and creative character situations.

Animated Video Production

The leading video services company UAE provides one-of-its-class corporate video production services to clients across Dubai. We harness the power of modern technology, tools, software, and animators to provide the solutions you need.

360 Realistic Walkthrough

The leading motion graphics company in Dubai devises a convenient plan to captivate your audience by delivering a farfetched experience to your users. Our 360 walkthrough will enable you to attract and engage your consumers with your business.

Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos

Our video production company engages our clients’ audiences with high-quality and pixel-perfect explain videos by leveraging our top-notch video production services in the UAE. We aim to create concise and clear whiteboard explainer videos. Moreover, our expert animators and whiteboard artists also translate your message or intention behind the digital campaign.

2D Animation

We are the leading 2D animation company in Dubai that harnesses the power of 2D motion graphics to combine with overlight for instructions, product demonstration, showcasing, and video solutions to present your product or service like never before.


Our motion graphics company in Dubai provides the leading storyboarding solutions to clients across the UAE. Brand Bugs has top-class designers and storyboard artists who storyboard the complete video shoot while sticking to our client's reference and planned script.

Infographics Videos

Our video services company UAE allows our clients to captivate their audience with intriguing and intuitive information through infographics videos. We are the leading video production services in Dubai that create compelling and enthralling animated graphics for extra client retention and acquisition.

Testimonial Video Production

Brand Bugs provides the best testimonial video product to help grow your business threefold with the power of reviews and testimonials presented in videos. We help you gain and establish trust through ideal video structuring.

Do You Want to Create an Impact with a Professional & Effective Animated Video?

Brand Bugs ensure the top-notch level video production services in Dubai with a perfect focus on empowering your brand with animated videos and motion graphics in a highly experienced manner. Our professionals at the leading video production company in UAE go over and above the standard criteria to convince your target audience with a spellbinding and resounding animated video.

Our animation services in Dubai understand the importance of animated videos because they are an integral tool for effective marketing communication. The consumers of today are not interested in reading the lengthy content pieces, be it on a website or elsewhere. And this is where we offer our clients the most robust solutions with a short, crispy, and astounding animated video that will certainly engage your potential customers while acquainting them with your services and products in a matter of a few minutes.

Our certified, expert, and knowledgeable specialists are highly experienced in corporate video production services, commercial video production services, animation services, and motion graphics in Dubai. Adding more to this, our services don’t limit here, we expand our horizons with long-duration story-based videos in Dubai to earn a massive revenue for businesses on popular video streaming websites such as YouTube.

Our Top-Class Working Process

  1. The client shares the project requirements, ideas, and all the relevant references.
  2. Our team collaborates to work on the given ideas by creating a video story concept.
  3. We also provide brainstorming sessions to come up with new ideas and discoveries.
  4. We also provide voice-over services to reflect your brand’s message with animated videos.
  5. Our artists start working on the scope of your work under the given timeframes.
  6. Our creative team will work on the script and storyboard illustrations.
  7. We strive to integrate the top-class UI/UX design and VR/AR when needed.
  8. We work on the post-production requirements that include editing and added audio and visual effects.
  9. We move to the final part of approval while adhering to strict deadlines.


Brand Bugs is a one-stop solution for diversified businesses. Whether you are a small-scale startup or belong to the Fortune 500 Company, our website development services in Dubai ensure your scalability and performance with the right techniques. That said, here are some of the industries we serve;


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