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Brand Bugs is a credible, holistic, and feature-rich branding agency in Dubai and Doha that provides high-performing and result-driven services and solutions in digital branding, studio services, CRM and ERP development and consultation, mobile app development, and website development. We aim to bring engaging, personalized, and intuitive user experience through our dynamic and unparalleled solutions in Dubai & Doha.


Brand Bugs is a technology powerhouse bringing innovative and game-changing digital solutions under one roof. We empower our clients’ businesses with holistic services across Dubai and Doha. Whether you are a unicorn startup, a Fortune 500 company, or a small-scale enterprise aiming to squash the status quo, we help you unlock your true innovation with incredible digital and technological solutions. Here is a sneak peek of what we do at our digital powerhouse and offer to our amazing clientele;

Branding Services

We are the leading branding agency in Dubai and Doha, empowering forward-thinking, courageous, and growth-centric businesses to think, revolutionize, and exert genuine influence with their bespoke brand in this digitally-advanced age. Our leading branding company in Dubai and Doha helps you with corporate identity, logo design, brochures, flyers, etc.

Website Design & development

We believe that every business has a unique set of requirements. This is where our Dubai and Doha website development company provides cutting-edge and best web design solutions coupled with professional website development services. We are among the top website development companies in Dubai and Doha that help you turn your ideas into robust and intuitive digital solutions.

Studio Services (2D/3D Animation)

Brand Bugs is a premium 2D & 3D animation company in Dubai and Doha that provides spellbinding animation services to elevate your digital presence. Our video production company is one of the top-rated animation studios in Dubai and Doha that delivers personalized and corporate video production services in the UAE and Qatar.

Mobile App Development

Brand Bugs is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, having the most sought-after and best app developers in Dubai and Doha for both iOS and Android marketplaces. We offer standard and customized Android and iOS mobile app development services in Dubai and Doha with smart and feature-packed functionalities and appealing aesthetics for high-end user results.

CRM Services (Salesforce)

We are the best CRM development company in Dubai and Doha that helps organizations of all sizes leverage Salesforce cloud CRM like never before. Our company has the best CRM consultants, developers, and architects who have the best CRM solutions that ensure you get future-proof digital products.

ERP Services (Odoo)

We provide an outstanding ERP system in Dubai and Doha that empowers your company with Odoo open-source ERP solutions. Our best ERP consultants in Dubai ensure that your business has a digital solution that maximizes sales, improves conversions, enhances ROI, and delivers administrative aspects for top-class productivity and efficiency.


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Over the years, we have provided a gamut of digital and tech-driven solutions to exceed our client’s expectations while enabling them the true revolution.

We aim to bring a strategic and customized solution gateway for you in the digital and technology landscape where your growth and scalability are centred.


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1.How much does it cost to get design and develop a website in UAE & Qatar?

According to the leading and professional web development agencies in UAE and Qatar, a rough estimation of around USD 2,500 to USD 3,500 is required for a website design and development process. However, the best custom web development company services in Dubai  and Doha for eCommerce or other projects might soar up to USD 6,000 to USD 8,000.

2.Which programming language is best for mobile app development?

The best mobile app developers UAE & Qatar strongly recommend Java as the best programming language for mobile app development services in UAE & Qatar. In fact, this language is also recommended by Google.

3.Which language is used for writing iOS apps?

The best and leading UAE & Qatar mobile app development company comments that Swift and Objective-C are the two most used and widely known languages for writing an iOS app.

4.What are the leading CRMs in UAE & Qatar?

According to the top-class CRM consulting company in UAE & Qatar with world-class and best CRM consultants, Salesforce Cloud, Zoho CRM, SAP sales cloud, and Zendesk Sell tend to be the most used and widely-known CRMs in the UAE & Qatar.

5.What is the function of an ERP company?

According to the best ERP consultants in UAE & Qatar, the ERP systems tie together a multitude of business processes and functions while enabling the flow of data and information in between. It collects transactional data from various sources, eliminates data duplication, and provides data integrity with a single source of truth.

6.What are the initial skills or requirements for a great logo design?

According to the best logo design company in UAE & Qatar, here are the requirements for creating a perfect logo design;

- The first part is to understand the logo.

- As a logo design agency, your focus should be on giving a unique brand identity.

- Finding unique UAE & Qatar logo design inspirations for compelling digital artwork.

- Finalize the style, type, typography, colour, theme, etc., for a custom logo designing UAE & Qatar.

- Analyze different sources before finalizing anyone.

7.How do I create a sales-oriented business brochure?

The leading branding company in UAE & Qatar explains the following Dubai for a sales-oriented business brochure;

- Firstly, determine the purpose of your brochure.

- Understand how your brochure will fold out.

- Choose the fonts, colour, and theme.

- Always pick high-resolution graphics for an appealing view.

- Effectively add a great call action.

8.Which is more popular, 2D or 3D animation?

The leading motion graphics company for 3D animation and 2D animations in UAE & Qatar explains that 3D uses the same graphics and visuals as in the 2D model. However, the video production company explains that 3D animation will be the heart of the media industry in 2022, particularly for video games, animated films, architecture, and virtual reality simulation.


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